Module is an expandable, configurable air quality management system.

Each Module is entirely self-contained, able to draw air, pass it through a HEPA filter, and propel purified air outwards. The quantity and arrangement of multiple Modules is able to be defined based on the room its in, resulting in a highly customizable and adaptable system.
Industrial design
Rapid prototyping & machining
Engineering product design
Individual project

Designing for Complex Product Systems

October – December 2019

The form was developed based on research into the functional and decorative objects people have in their homes, as well as inquiries into existing air purifiers. Module challenges the assumption that such a device needs to be a single unit occupying a substantial footprint.

When inactive, the front surface of Module creates the visual effect of a singular form. When active, independent louvered layers extend outwards, allowing air to pass through the internal structure and serving as a visual indication of the device’s status.

Vents on the back enables the internal impeller to draw air from all sides.

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