Fall 2018
with Sebastian Carpenter, Eliza Pratt, and Emily Zhou
In the final project for How Things Work – a class aimed at familiarizing ID students with the mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic implements that make up the objects we depend on every day – we were tasked with creating a booklet documenting how an electromechanical object operated by disassembling it, mapping all electrical connections and components, and pairing diagrams with words to comprehensively explain how it functions.

I developed the visual style for the booklet, including type, color choices, and diagramming language, and contributed to research on all components by combining disassembly of a hair dryer with information from third party sources. I also used Adobe Illustrator to create an "x-ray" internal and isometric exploded drawings of the hair dryer, the former which was used throughout as a navigational graphic inside the device. Finally, I edited copy and organized text and images on the page to produce the final document.
X-ray line drawings of hair dryer
Making the exploded view line drawing in Illustrator
Line drawings created in Adobe Illustrator
Permanent magnet DC motor
Bridge rectifier on DC motor
Coils inside DC motor
DC motor exploded
GFCI plug solenoid and sense coil
GFCI plug
Mica sheet thermal shielding
Inside the tube of the dryer
Single-stage impeller assembly
Connection from DC motor to impeller fan
Thermal fuse
Exploratory photos from hair dryer disassembly process

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